Welcome to Therese Marie

Therese Marie's continuing rise to the top with Videos on MTV, VH1 and CMT is very much the All-American girl Cinderella story. Her stage presence has been described as "energetic", "captivating", "charming" and "down right fun"! MTV gave her rave reviews on her "Drunk off Your Love" video stating that "It's everything you look for in a live performance video" . Therese has a passion for children and wants to make a difference in the world through her musical talent.


- "Eastside Party" My pop album will finally be released November 25th on Sony Orchard! - See Therese Marie's FaceBook page for more details! facebook.com/theresemariestl

NEW EVENT Nashville Jan 29th and Feb 19th at Dei Champions Sengwriter Night in nashville at the holiday Inn on Vanderbilt!

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